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We recruit specialists for your logistics and supply chain management company.


We help you create a team aligned with the vision and objectives of your company, in a simple and functional way.


We offer specialized recruitment services in logistics and technology, combined with organizational development consulting based on the needs of your company.



We provide your collaborators with tools to understand change and develop complete internal management strategies with specific objectives for each position and area.


Together with your team, we generate development plans based on the values and culture of your organization, focused on increasing the productivity of human capital and increasing the profitability of each position.


We want to be partners in the growth of your organization.

A key to development and productivity is a healthy and motivating work environment.


Within our services we have the analysis of the Work Environment and Improvement Proposals according to the results.


We offer executive coaching and mentoring services for key or developing personnel, helping them develop or improve their leadership, communication, strategy design and problem-solving skills.


Likewise, we provide tools for better emotional management and mental health care.

Consulting for logistics companies

Training in our solutions.

Expand your knowledge and acquire new skills in logistics technological solutions to optimize your supply chain processes (WMS, TMS, YMS, OMS and Freight Forwarding) to achieve success.

At Tsol, we are aware of the importance of being at the forefront in the management of warehouse management systems (WMS) and that is why we offer comprehensive training in Körber Supply Chain, Oracle and Magaya solutions.


For those looking to master Oracle Transportation Management Cloud, we have training programs focused on essential modules such as Oracle Global Trade Management Cloud Service and Fleet Management Cloud Service, preparing your organization's key users to optimize transportation operations.

In the area of Magaya (Freight Forwarding), we specialize in training your team in the basic and accounting configuration specific to Mexico and Colombia. Management of rates and routes, quotes, warehouse operations, forwarding/NV OCC, and much more, up to customizing reports for the growth of your business.

Our experts are ready to boost your team's skills in the most critical tools for the supply chain (WMS, TMS, YMS, OMS and Freight Forwarding), offering both in-person and online sessions to keep you up to date with the latest trends and best logistics practices.

Training for supply chain professionals

Support for supply chain platforms.

Trust our expert support team in the different supply chain tools ( WMS, TMS, YMS, Freight Forwarding ) to guarantee the success of your business! At Tsol, we provide first and second level support services to solve the problem you are facing or query related to technological solutions in logistics and supply chain .

Thanks to shared support, we support the reduction of your Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Tsol has a work desk (Service Desk) with knowledge in database management, logistics processes and technological tools.

We're here to support you every step of the way. Contact us and discover how Tsol can help you overcome any challenge!

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