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The best technology in supply chain solutions

The solutions offered by Tsol from our global partners Kaleris, Körber, Magaya and Oracle, are designed to revolutionize supply chain management. They offer a range of benefits focused on reducing costs, increasing revenue and improving service quality. These platforms improve operational efficiency and effectiveness through advanced cloud-based technologies that exploit the most relevant trends, including microservices structure, integration with different technologies.

Kaleris , with a presence in 80 countries, 450 maritime terminals and 300 maneuvering yards, is the undisputed leader in the development of advanced technological solutions for the operational management of trailers and containers. Dedicated to taking innovation and operational control in yards and terminals to new levels. Its powerful cloud solutions transform yard, marine terminal and fleet maintenance management , leveraging innovations in hardware, software and processes.

Through Kaleris , transporters and logistics operators enjoy more agile management, reducing downtime and optimizing operational flows. Prepare for a future where your supply chain is not only connected, but reinvented with maximum efficiency.

Kaleris: Innovation and Visibility in Yards and Terminals

During my work at PepsiCo managing the transportation and logistics area, Tsol supported us with real-time visibility of resources in the yard, which allowed us to reduce search and placement times on platforms, reducing our operating costs and raising the level of service given the increase in capacity; In addition, the issue of reports and records allowed us to obtain indicators that were our daily pulse to make decisions. Thus, collaborating with the company's mission, —DRAW MORE SMILES WITH EVERY SIP AND EVERY BITE.


Diego Bravo

Senior Supply Chain Analyst


Imagine a world where every logistical challenge finds its solution. That's Körber . With a global team of more than 12,000 visionaries and a presence in more than 100 locations, Körber is synonymous with innovation.


From digitalization to pharmaceutical production and supply chain optimization, Körber transforms challenges into successes. Its wide offering includes solutions for warehouse management , orders and deliveries, with the use of voice tools, simulation and robotization to maximize efficiency. Its differentiators are the adaptability of its technology and the lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) that arises from the autonomy and self-sufficiency that its clients have.

Körber: Master Operational Complexity

Tsol gave us confidence by being a strategic partner of Körber to accompany us throughout the entire implementation and go-live process.


Raffaello Starace

COO & Co-Founder

GAIA Design

Magaya strengthens freight forwarders, customs agents and 3PLs worldwide with a diversity of integrated solutions that allow international cargo forwarding, warehouse management , complex tariff management, shipment visibility and traceability, customer management (CRM), and the complex accounting management of these activities. More than 2,300 forwarders worldwide grow their businesses profitably with Magaya , from whom it receives the best ratings in its sector.


The Magaya platform allows the automation of freight forwarder operations, allowing efficiency and precision in their processes, which results in greater customer/shipper satisfaction and greater profitability of the freight forwarder .

Magaya: Revolutionizing Foreign Trade with Intelligence

Our experience with Tsol was very pleasant. I recommend the company for any Magaya implementation requirement. With your support we were able to easily understand the System. Our questions were answered and resolved almost immediately. Their constant feedback made me feel supported throughout the entire process. In a couple of months a company is able to use the Magaya System without any problem.


Doreen Dorschner

Customer Service and Project Analyst

Euromex Logistics Intl

Oracle is much more than a technology company; is a pioneer redefining how companies access and manage their most valuable information. Specialized in database solutions and business systems in the cloud , Oracle for the supply chain offers very powerful solutions that take advantage of the innovation and robustness that characterizes Oracle .

With a suite of products including ERP, CRM, and SCM, Oracle is the core on which business empires are built and expand, ensuring data management that is unprecedented in security and efficiency.

Its solutions for transportation, warehouse and order management are rated as “best of breed” which, combined with Oracle 's powerful integration tools, can be complemented with any ERP on the market.

The intelligence
that drives companies

Tsol complied with what was agreed in the agreements, it is a dedicated team that supported and advised us with all the doubts that arose during the implementation.

Rodrigo Cruces

General Manager

CICE Logistics Solutions

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